The AUK- Acre Utility Knife
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Durendal pictured at right with a standard 4" AUK.  Durendal is 3/8ths of
an inch thick with a 5" blade, 9 & 7/8ths overall.  Made by stock removal
and differentially hardened and tempered .  Reserve one today!  
New AUK Standard Model Durendal
The AUK REX is as Serious as they come.  Created from 3/8ths" thick 5160 steel
and Differentially Hardened and Tempered.  She has an appetite for Destruction.  The
REX takes the concept of the AUK and pushes it to the Ultimate Limits!  The 10 inch No
Nonsense Tanto Blade is an Unrepentant Cutter. 15 inches overall length.
AUK Damascus Durendal
AUK Durendal with My Infinity Sheath.
About The Infinity Sheath
A Friend suggested that I make a multi-directional sheath for my ever-more-popular Auk
line.  It can be worn Vertically/Horizontally on the belt, or in any orientation on bullet
proof vest webbing.
Order One$525
Order One$650
AUK Drop Point Fighter with an experimental Lift-Assist Sheath.
AUK Fighter-This is
the Prototype that was the
beginning of the AUK
fighter line.
The AUK Fighter Line.  
Contact me for pricing.
Acre Utility Knives- The AUK