Hello my name is Fuad Accawi,

 I was born American in Beirut in the early 70's.  My Mother -  Half
Native American Cherokee raised in Tennessee, and my Father  a
Christian Lebanese descendant of the French Sacrouge from a village
named Magdaluna.  We came home to Tennessee during some of the
worst times Beirut had ever seen.  Both my Grandfathers fought the
Axis during WWII, on different continents.  One named Clyde Williams
in the U.S. Army, and the other was Fuad Accawi who was a Translator
for the British Army.  They both died young and none of us ever had a
chance to meet.
 I know I have a funny sounding name, just try growing up in East
with it.

 I've been making knives for over 30 years now.  
My first experience with shaping and grinding a blade was when I was
in junior high school. My dad was cleaning out  junk from a storehouse
in our back yard &  gave me a coffee can full of dull files, and an old
homemade bench grinder. I was grinding objects that could be
mistaken for knives & within a few hours I was hooked on steel for life.
Updated 01/18/2021