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A handsome Belt knife featuring a Hand Forged Blade made of
1080 & 15N20.  As with a lot of my work the pattern is
random.  Blade length is 6&1/2 inches and 1/8th of an inch
thick. Overall length is 11&1/8th inches.  Fully hardened and
differentially tempered. The blade furniture is Heat Colored 303
stainless steel.  The dyeing of the Pillow Burl Maple Handle was
done in many stages to reach the desired color.  Hand rubbed
with linseed oil finish, then waxed.  Supplied with a simple blade
sheath which would be shoved behind a sash or belt.  
$725 Sold
The Adventurer's Bowie
I forged the billet for this blade out of 1080 and L-6 steels. The
Adventurer's Bowie will be a companion for life!  This Fast Blade measures
9.25 inches to the guard with an overall length of 15 inches. Balance point
is at the plunge line.  The Blade thickness is 1/4 inch at the ricasso, and
tapers nicely to nothing at the needle-like point. The Blade is Differentially
hardened and tempered which yields a fantastically durable cutting edge
paired with a spine that is as tough as nails. This blade also features a
sharpened clip.  The handle was hand carved out of a block of natural
Bubinga. I used 303 stainless steel for the Blade Furniture.  I am enjoying
the properties of 303 stainless a great deal, and I think it looks great!  I
made the sheath out of 7oz vegetable tanned leather, dyed, and stitched it
by hand.  It is a reversible sheath, so it will work for either hand. The sheath
frog is finished with a Sterling Silver fob for keeping it tight.
A second prototype of the new line of pocket friction folders.  
Jigged G-10 handle and random pattern Damascus 3&3/4 inch
blade. 7 inches closed. Open length 8&1/2 inches. Blade thickness
is 1/8th inch.   
A Dependable & Handsome Camp Knife capable of Caping an Elk,
or getting Supper ready by the Campfire. Forged from 1080,
15N20 and L6 steels this Knife has a hefty, secure feel in the hand.
The 5&1/2 inch blade is 3/16ths of an inch thick and Razor
Sharp.  The Bookmatched Bocote Handle lends confidence to the
user.  Handle is secured with well-peened Bronze pins.  Knife is
9&3/4s of an inch long overall.  Supplied with a pouch sheath hand
made by me here in my shop. $725
A Handsome Little Clip Pointed Bowie.  This Blade was forged from a
Low-Layer piece of Damascus that I made at a demonstration.  I've
always liked the look of low layer Damascus and I'm happy with the
effect on this knife. The Blade is 5&3/16ths of an inch long with an
overall length of 9&1/2 inches.  It is 3/32nds of an inch thick.  The
furniture is 303 stainless steel, and the handle is white linen micarta.
Handmade pouch sheath made by me.  
$355 Sold
The AUFK is going to be the start of a new line of folders I'm
planning on offering soon.  It is a Friction folder with G10 scales, and
will be offered in multiple blade configurations.  I will be making
slight alterations as time passes, but this is the basic premise.  When
closed the back of the lever functions as a bottle opener.  The Blade
length is 3&3/4 inches, 3/16ths thick,  and when closed the knife is
around six inches. I'm offering this Prototype for sale as it looks, and
functions very well.                                           $300
A useful companion knife that can be carried daily.  Hand Forged by
me out of  5160, nickel, and 15N20 steels into a tight random
patterned blade.  Blade length is 4&7/8ths of an inch and 3/32nds
of an inch thick. 9 inches overall length.  The Marblewood handle
falls comfortably in the hand.  A handsome pouch sheath handmade
by me finishes off the package.  Comes Shaving Sharp and ready to
serve. $425, and ready to ship!  
Acre Utility Friction Folder $300 Sold
Acre Utility Karambit $325 Sold
Forged AUK's
Tanto is Sold. A few are left. $175