The Reaper Bowie. $925 SOLD
5160 steel hand forged by me in my shop. Bubinga handle and custom
hand stitched sheath also made by me.  Heat blued guard and fittings.
The Antique Damascus Belt Bowie Sold
A different combination of steels makes this Damascus Blade
a call back of pre-industrial types of pattern welded Damascus blades. The
steel was made from 5160 and 1060 steels omitting higher contrast
steels. Fiddleback Maple handle and stainless steel furniture. Razor sharp
blade and clip wise. Hand formed 7oz leather sheath made and hand
stitched by me in my shop.
The Cabin Memorial Knife
A special project taken on early this year.  The family that lost their cabin to
a wildfire wanted to commission a knife to commemorate the loss.  I was
given remnants recovered from the ashes of the blaze.  A brass fireplace finial,
a puddle of aluminum, some charred Russian Olivewood, a child's spoon, and
a single chainsaw chain.  I thought about how to combine all these
components for a long time.  The blade is 5160 with a san-mai construction
incorporating the chainsaw chain.  All the other components were utilized in
the knife, sheath, and the extra material was used as a display base.
The Cabin Fire Memorial Knife
The Recurved Camp Knife
I created this blade because I wanted an all-around camp/survival blade. Suitable for
chopping wood, or prepping dinner.  I utilized a combination of stock removal and forging
to get the desired result. The blade is 13.25" long and made from 5160 steel.  Deeply
fullered, and razor sharp.  The blade is 1/4" thick. Handle is fiddleback Ash and is pinned
with heavily peened mild steel pins.  Guard is front-fitted, and made of carved, blued, mild
steel which is attached by stainless steel drift pins. Sheath is 8oz vegetable tanned leather
hand formed and dyed by me. 19 inches in overall length.