Blades of the Challenge
The Sakura Yari
Here it is, The Sakura Yari.  I had wished more than
anything to be able to bring it home where it belongs.
Circumstances & the Universe conspired, & Ironically,  I got
what I asked for!  It is restored to its screen accurate state
with pictures of the process below. Luckily for me the failure
was just shaft material. As it would have happened
historically, the shaft was replaced and The Sakura Yari
endures.  Email me with any questions you may have about
pieces, or my experiences from the show.  
The Ridiculously Large Friction Folder
The Ridiculously Large Friction Folder
So, I needed a complete set from the show, I'm just that
way.  Armed with the schematics fresh in my head, and
with the drawings made while filming, I reproduced the
Friction Folder from the First, and Second Challenges.  I
reforged the blade, and tracked down the exact
materials used on the episode.  I even used that ugly
micarta that I used for the liner spacer. It is so closely
reproduced that I could argue that I have the original
The Rebuild
The Plan
As a planner.  The part that I was dreading was the first
challenge.  That couldn't have gone better!  I was in the
Briar Patch!  Once the first challenge was complete I set
about planning the rest of my steps.  When I walked in
the Forge for the second challenge I had a plan, aesthetics
aside, to complete the challenge. I even knew where that
pivot pin was going to go before I went to sleep the
previous night. I built a working paper model and had it
fresh in my mind.  I have two regrets about the Yari,
Firstly I didn't get Doug,  secondly, I wish that I had been
able to use Carbon-Fiber and Fiberglass for the pole.
Hotel Stationary Plans
The Group
I was very happy with the group of Smiths I competed
with.  Just a great bunch of guys.  I think that Jacob is
going to come visit my shop and spend some time in the
fire with me.  Kilroy and Sandstrom are solid, skilled
guys, and I hope to see them again at some point, and I
wish them all the best!  Here we are goofing off.
Forged In Friction
Based on the Forged In Fire Challenge knife.  Check it out on my
Available works page.
Forged in Friction Folder
A Prototype of a Friction Folder based on the Knife from the First
and Second challenge on Forged In Fire.  In a slight modification
from the FIF prototype I have elected to add a bottle opener on the
tang while the knife is in the folded position.  I am enjoying making
these little friction folder variations and I'm sure that I will be
further exploring the genre.  3&3/4 inch blade. 7 inches closed.
Open length is 8&1/2 inches. Blade thickness is 3/16ths of an inch.
The Break
Photos of the actual break. No matter how much time and
thought you put into something, there are always incalculable
variables.  As you can see this is not the joint that I had to make.
That was on the butt end where the second steel collar was
located. You can see the grain and orientation of the Ash pretty
clearly.  It's clear straight grained Ash.  Natural materials always
have the potential for flaws, seen or unseen. I did lots of research
into handle dimensions and fighting techniques that could
potentially come into play.  I wanted the shaft to be comfortable
for the palm sliding style most commonly utilized with this
weapon. Sometimes things just happen this way.