A special commission piece that I began in late summer last year.  A sister
blade to Scheherezade, a blade that I forged almost 10 years ago. The
Blade Damascus was made by me and in a large enough quantity that I
was able to create all the blade furniture from the same steel.  I combined
5160, 15n20, nickel, and 4140 to attain the blade flex and edge
retention characteristics that I wanted.  It is a retention pin mechanical
construction so that it is secure in its integrity, and easy to maintain.  
The handle is fiddleback maple which is located internally by pins to the
stainless steel spacers. The blade furniture was all hardened and spring
tempered for maximum performance. The sheath is 7 ounce vegetable
tanned leather, and was formed directly over the blade for a perfect fit.  
I utilized a multi color scheme in dying the leather which consisted of tan,
dark brown, and medium brown applied individually. A sheath frog
makes taking the sword
off for sitting simple by just sliding the sheath out.
A fantastic piece that will inspire its bearer to the most adventurous deeds!
The Raisuli's Yatagan Sold