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Forged In Fire
A Lithe, Fast Razor-Sharp cutter!   Thin, long, and sharp this knife
feels like an extension of the hand.  Forged from 1080, 15N20,
and L6 steels this random patterned blade presents well.  The
11&1/2 inch blade is Fully-Hardened and Differentially Tempered
for a Strong yet Flexible Blade. Overall length is 16&1/2 inches.
Blade is 3/16ths of an inch thick at the bottom of the ricasso, but
is tapered in all directions from there.  The effect of the multiple
tapers makes for a light flickable fighter.  The SnakeWood handle
was covered with resists around the tang and pins, then
sandblasted to raise the grain of the wood.  It makes for a
handsome and sure grip.  Comes supplied with a Handmade Pouch
sheath made by me here in my shop.  
Damascus and Snakewood Fighter SOLD
Forged AUK's
Tanto is Sold. A few are left. $175
The Reaper Bowie. $925
5160 steel hand forged by me in my shop. Bubinga handle and custom
hand stitched sheath also made by me.  Heat blued guard and fittings.
Nicholson File Knives $150
Knives made from Nicholson Files. Includes custom sheath made by me
The Rebar Knife $225 SOLD
Forged from high carbon rebar. Custom made sheath